McDonald's Video Captures Customer's Nightmare While Ordering in Drive-Thru

Being forced into waiting for your order at McDonald's requires you to show some patience and kindness, so it isn't anything new. It's that unknown of what is happening to your food that keeps most in line, with the hope that the restaurant is just understaffed or busy to fulfill the "fast" part of fast food. It's ordinary.

What isn't ordinary is a mix of technical errors and overworked staff who take bags of food and launch them to the floor to avoid a backup. Does this happen to all of our food, or is it just this one specific McDonald's in Dartford?

According to The Daily Mail, a driver who appeared in the comments of the initial video above said the pileup resulted from an error with Just Eat, an app that handles deliveries similar to GrubHub, DoorDash and Seamless. They also added that the floor food was meant to be tossed in the trash, which should be equally shocking to customers.

The video was posted by Ryan Covill, 35, who traveled to the restaurant to retrieve an order that never arrived. As you can see in the video, several others had the same idea and the delivery backup was creating some clear confusion with the delivery drivers. A flustered McDonald's employee is trying to sort the bags and begins tossing them to the floor.

"She's throwing the food, like it's no one else's food, someone's got to eat that," one of the men in the video says about the worker's actions. Covill's caption for the video explains the situation from his point of view. "After waiting for my food for over an hour and a half I decided to wait no more," he wrote.

"Order was from Just Eat and drove down there. As I literally pull up to the Mac D's my order was cancelled so I then went in the Mac D's told them want had happened and yes, one girl gave me my food for free, but there were loads of drivers there waiting for food but no one seemed to have a clue on what was going on.

"Then she started throwing all the food on the floor. It was nuts, that is someone's business and they just throw profit away and could of at least offered it to drivers etc but just throwing around in front of people, joke."


The commenter who claimed to be a driver did say the floor bags were meant to be trashed and were mix-ups, not ordered through McDonald's system. "The food isn't being thrown on the floor then given to customers. Clearly if that's what you think is happening then you're crazy," another comment added. "The staff are clearly over run with orders that wasn't pinged to drivers so was left sitting around awaiting which happens in most McDonald's not just this one."