McDonald's Revives Fan-Favorite Dessert

McDonald's menu just received a sweet-goods injection thanks to the return a fan-favorite dessert item. After a nearly five-year absence, the Golden Arches officially revived the Blueberry & Crème Pie, marking its return to the menu for the first time since June 2017, Chew Boom was first to report.

A fan-favorite item on the ever-changing McDonald's dessert menu, the Blueberry & Crème Pie is similar to the fast food chain's other crème pies, featuring a long slot on top that shows the dual fillings. The pie is made with blueberries and vanilla flavored crème baked side-by-side in a flaky sugar-coated, baked crust, pulling together a treat that Brand Eating "turned out very well. The blueberry flavor comes across rather nicely and works well with the creme."

"The crust was slightly flaky with a nice, crispy surface. Inside, the creme was sufficiently creamy and sweet," the outlet's review of the treat read. "It paired nicely with the blueberry filling, which was fruity with a definite note of blueberry but was only slightly tangy. Neither filling was too runny and there were some whole blueberries in there. There was a good amount of filling inside and a well-balanced filling-to-crust ratio."

Unfortunately for fans of the Blueberry & Crème Pie, the delectable dessert only appears to be available in select markets at this time. YouTube reviewer Peep This Out! managed to pick one up at their local McDonald's restaurant in Southern California for 99-cents. McDonald's has not said if there are plans to bring the pie back to menus nationwide or if the pie has only returned in select markets for a limited time, which seems likely.


The Blueberry & Crème Pie is not the only blueberry-inspired treat that has McDonald's lovers talking. Overseas, the Golden Arches has reportedly introduced he Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie, the Blueberry Sundae, and the Blueberry McFlurry. All three menu items are currently only available at McDonald's locations across Malaysia, according to Trend Hunter, which reported that the Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie "features a sweet blueberry jam filling, as well as a cream cheese filling. Both flavors are encased in a warm and flaky pastry crust." Last year, McDonald's Malaysia is also saw the introduction of the Sea Salt McFlurry, which went on to land on menus in Singapore earlier this month.