See the McDonald's Meals Under 500 Calories

The holiday season is nearly over, and for those looking to cut back on calories but still craving the Golden Arches, McDonald's has you covered.

While the fast food chain is known for its less than healthy menu that allows customers to pack on the calories, according to The Sun, it also offers a few menu options that are a bit more diet-friendly to help you lose a few notches on the belt.

If you're among the many too rushed in the morning to eat a balanced breakfast and instead need a quick pit stop at the Golden Arches, opt for the Egg & Cheese McMuffin, fruit bag, and a medium black coffee to help get you ready to tackle the day. The balanced meal comes in at 347 calories. If you're not looking for the added goodies, the Egg & Cheese McMuffin alone ticks in at 290 calories.

If you need a quick lunch, McDonald's gives you a selection. With only 390 calories, you can enjoy a Garlic Mayo Chicken Wrap, a bag of fruit, and a bottle of water. For avid fans of Chicken McNuggets, another option, ticking in at just 298 calories, is Chicken McNuggets, a side salad, and water.

When dinner time rolls around, consider the McChicken Sandwich, a side salad, and a diet drink for 428 calories. And if your New Year's resolution is to give up meat, go for the Spicy Veg Deluxe, a side, and a drink for 488 calories.


If you're not worried about calories, check out the new dollar menu that McDonald's announced earlier in December.