King Charles III's Requirement for Prince Harry's Family Receiving Royal Titles Revealed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were reported to be furious over delays with their children, Archie and Lilibet, receiving their royal titles. The latest slice of drama comes after Queen Elizabeth II's death and the ascent of father King Charles III, to the throne. Now the king's reported requirements have come to light after the funeral and grief period in the U.K., and he might require a few items before allowing the change to go through.

According to details obtained by Radar, King Charles reportedly wants his son to ditch plans for his $20 million tell-all memoir. The outlet calls it a matter of "trust" between father and son. Royal expert Katie Nicholl discussed the drama on True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat, which is a mouthful.

"One of the interesting things that came out in all of this was the speculation about titles, and Archie and Lilibet ... whether they would officially be acknowledged as Prince and Princess, the titles owed to them when Charles became King," she said. "And I'm told that that is a very clear signal from the King. He's willing to give those titles, but it comes with a caveat, and that caveat is trust."

As it stands, the two young Sussex children are still listed as "Master" and "Miss" on The Royal Family's website. And Radar adds in the "trust" details from an alleged insider at the royal palace.

"The book is the key to Harry's future in the family. If the book goes away, Harry will be back in with the family. However, if the book is published, trust will be permanently damaged, and he will never again be welcomed into the new King's inner circle," the insider told the outlet. Prince Harry was reported to still have plans to publish the book, delaying it to add chapters about his grandmother's passing.

The insider refers to this as a "line in the sand," though it seems like mundane formality dipped in unnecessary drama. And it pays for a royal insider to stir drama or keep it rolling, which we've seen with coverage of Meghan Markle throughout the mourning of the queen.

"The choice could not be more obvious inside the palace. Harry picks his family, or he picks $20 million. That's the price of being welcomed back into the fold," the source added. "Having Meghan trash, them is one thing, but having Harry do it is another. If he burns this bridge, he will never be able to rebuild it."