How Disney World Is Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma, one of the biggest Atlantic storms in recorded history, is currently barrelling toward Florida, and is expected to sweep through the state this weekend. All 67 counties are under a state of emergency and residents in Key West have already started evacuating.

If you frequent Orlando's Disney world, you might be concerned about the coming storm and how it will affect the park. Not to worry, Disney is already preparing for the storm.

For starters, the park has already taken a few small precautions to keep potential danger at a minimum. The Aerophile balloon at Disney Springs is being closed so that it can be deflated and grounded, and the flags on Cinderella's castle have been tied down.

While most of the parks are remaining open as of now, Disney has already closed the water park, Blizzard Beach.

In addition to all this, Disney has announced that it will continue to operate under normal conditions, though they will be monitoring the storm closely.


To help guests understand what to expect, Disney also shared their hurricane policy online. One of the biggest takeaways here is that, if there is an official hurricane warning within one week of your trip to Disney, you can reschedule or cancel your trip with no additional charges.

If you're planning on visiting the Happiest Place on Earth sometime in the next week or two, you should take a couple of minutes to read through the policy.