Here's the Type of Forecast You Can Expect on Thanksgiving

Things are not ideal for the biggest travel week of the year this Thanksgiving, with big storm systems brewing on each coast. Over a hundred flights have already been delayed or cancelled this week, and more are expected.

ABC News reports that the biggest trouble will be on the west coast — specifically the Pacific northeast. There has already been significant rainfall between Portland and Seattle, and more is expected from Wednesday into Thursday. Experts have put a Flood Watch in effect in the area as well, advising travellers to leave extra time in their plans to account for detours or delayed transit schedules.

Snow is also possible in the northern part of the Rocky Mountain Range.

The Northeast doesn't have it much better. Wednesday will be the worst of it, so those waiting until Thanksgiving day to travel are in luck. Northern New England will see a little more snowfall, but that should die down by Wednesday night. The rest of the Northeast will see mild to heavy rain showers.

However, a cold front is on its way into the region, so some meteorologists are nervous about the trip home for holiday travellers. Temperatures will drop in the northeast first, and the front will move into the mid-west by the end of Thursday. Some freezing may be possible in certain areas.

The southeast will see some mild rains as well, though hopefully nothing too seriously.

Remember to travel safely, and allow some wiggle room in your schedule in case of complications. It's always better to arrive late than not at all.


And, of course, good luck to all the brave souls who will be out in New York City on Thursday morning for the Macy's Day Parade. It's going to be a cold one!