Floyd Mayweather's Mystery Woman's Identity Revealed

Fresh off his victory over Conor McGregor, undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has been spotted around Beverly Hills with a mystery woman by his side.

On Wednesday, the 40-year-old dropped around $250k on Birkin bags, but most people noticed that he was walking around town with a new possible significant other.

The woman has been identified as Red Rose La Cubana. She is a model and featured dancer at Mayweather's strip club, Girl Collection, according to TMZ.

Cubana actually is famous in her own right. On Instagram, she has over 1 million followers.

Even though the two were seen together this past week, Mayweather and Cubana are reportedly "just friends."

Most recently, Mayweather sat down for a tongue-in-cheek interview with Diego from the YouTube channel Awkward Puppets outside his strip club in Las Vegas. During the conversation, the boxer claimed that he is dating seven women.

"How many women I have? Probably about seven deep. Lucky seven," he said. "We go out to eat, some of us travel together. Having one is too close to having none."


Judging by his latest Beverly Hills outing, it's possible that Red Rose could be one of his "lucky seven" girlfriends.