Dr. Oz Weighs in on Wearing Masks to Prevent Catching COVID-19

The coronavirus isn't going away anytime soon. President Donald Trump extended the social distancing orders through April with the possibility of that being extended when May gets closer.

With the current threat of COVID-19 and the potential that the pandemic sticks around for much of the year, much of the conversation across the networks have been on preventing the spread. Trump's decision on social distancing is just one step in taking precaution. Another subject dominating headlines is the use of face masks. America is currently dealing with a shortage of these protective measures, despite companies doing all they can, such as My Pillow creating 50,000 masks, to get them out as quickly as possible.

Mehmet Oz, more famously known as Dr. Oz, provided his take on the debate of whether or not its advisable for everyday people to wear masks out in public, or to leave them solely for those in the medical field where they're needed the most. The face of the Dr. Oz Show said he sees both sides, but suggests using something other than the N95 masks to cover your face.

"You got the President saying one thing, the Surgeon General saying another thing... if you're sick, wear a face mask or some face covering," he stated. "Make your face covering a fashion statement."

That being said, he does want the N95 masks going towards the first responders, nurses and doctors first. When it comes to the everyday people, he advises to not get a "false sense of security" when wearing masks. He says that just because a mask is worn does not mean a person is completely safe from picking up the virus.

Dr. Oz shared a tweet earlier in the day from the Surgeon General sharing tips to limit the spread.

"People are understandably searching for new ways to protect themselves from #covid19 but the truth is your mother was right," the tweet read. "The most effective ways to remain safe are to stay clean, keep your hands to yourself, and steer clear of strangers."

On Monday, Trump brought out Mike Lindell, otherwise known as the My Pillow Guy, during his press briefing. While viewers were shocked to see him taking the podium, he did state that his company is working on using their fabric to put together masks for healthcare workers.


On a similar note, Michael Presley of Fanatics, the company behind producing official MLB jerseys, stated that they would be doing the same for hospitals in the Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Photo Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/Getty Images