Donald Trump Jr. Takes Boys Trip Amid Divorce Filing and the Internet Has Opinions

Less than 24 hours after his wife filed for divorce, Donald Trump Jr. is soaking up the sun with his guys on a beachside vacation.

Photos obtained by TMZ show President Donald Trump's oldest son fishing on Florida's Singer Island Beach — the first time he's been seen in public since his wife Vanessa Trump's filing. Click here to see the photos.

Witnesses say he's with three other friends, including e-commerce executive Jared Goetz. While fishing for blacktip sharks, Donald Trump Jr. reportedly mentioned politics affecting his personal life.

Social media users lashed out at Trump Jr., with some saying he should be spending time with his children instead.

"You would think @DonaldJTrumpJr would spend time with his children, bad dad just like @POTUS!" one person said. "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

"Learn't how to be a Father from Trump Sr. Never grew up.. #Manchild," another said.

"Of course. He's gotta go kill something to prove he's still a man," wrote one.

"Paid for by taxpayers," another said.

The night before, he shared a photo snuggling with his daughter Chloe, whom he called his "Smurf."

(Photo: Instagram / @donaldjtrumpjr)

"No matter what is going on bedtime cuddling with the smurf puts a Yuge smile on my face," he wrote in the caption of his selfie, adding the hashtags #bedtime, #daddysgirl and #cuddle.

As previously reported, Vanessa Trump officially filed in Manhattan Supreme Court for divorce on Thursday afternoon after 12 years of marriage.

It is reported that she filed for an "uncontested proceeding," which essentially means that she is not anticipating any kind of legal battle over the custody of the couples five children.

Page Six initially reported that sources close to the Trumps confirmed the couple was not legally separated, but that they also have not currently been living together either, and that divorce seemed imminent.

According to Us Weekly, the split was a long coming.

"His relationship with Vanessa started getting rocky two years ago, when his dad started to campaign," a source told Us Weekly. "Vanessa is very close to her family and very private and does not like all this attention on her family. They've been unhappy for a while, but it's hard to say if they will actually divorce."

The couple's friends say the divorce didn't come as a shock.

"The problems have been there for a long time, the couple had hoped to stay together during the president's time in office, but it is getting harder to resolve their issues. He's never there," one source said.

"Don Jr. has been busy traveling, which has contributed to their problems. Vanessa is a devoted mother, but she is increasingly lonely and alone in the house with the children," a second source said.

Others say his involvement in politics has turned Vanessa Trump off from the marriage.

Vanessa Trump was photographed for the first time on Friday since filing, and she was noticeably missing a sparkling accessory.

The mother of five was spotted as she headed off on the school run with her two youngest children, Chloe and Spencer.

Vanessa and the kids attempted to sneak out the back entrance of their Manhattan apartment building around 8 a.m. on Friday, with three Secret Service agents closely guarding the family members, Daily Mail reports.

While the 40-year-old wore sunglasses to disguise her face, the group put on a very colorful display as Vanessa donned a green hat, Chloe sported a bright blue jacket and Spencer walked in a yellow and blue raincoat.

But silver and gold were missing from the trio's appearance, as Vanessa ditched her wedding ring one day after filing for divorce from Donald Jr. after 12 years of marriage.