'Dominos' Customer Shares Photo of Delivered Pizza Allegedly Bitten Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging around the globe, regular life and mundane activities have taken on a new layer of stress. One of the vulnerable lanes of regular life includes takeout and fast food, both for customers and those delivering food.

That leads us to this claim by a customer on Twitter after receiving their pizza on Saturday. While it seems like a typical Domino's pizza with pepperoni added, one side of the creation is not like the other. A closer look at the photo shows that a bite has been taken out of the pizza and not by the customer.

"So much for contactless delivery huh," a follow-up tweet reads. "I have an immune system issue that s— isn't cool at all."

As the tweet states, the belief is that the delivery driver got hungry and bit into the pie on the way to the delivery destination. While this would be heinous at any point in time or history, it is extremely disheartening during the pandemic.

Domino's has made efforts to create contactless delivery for customers and keep their business moving. They lay their policy out on their official website, noting that the option for contactless delivery should be checked using the Domino's app.

"On the checkout screen, complete the Delivery instruction to let your store know that you would like a contactless delivery and where you would like your order placed. One of your store's delivery experts will notify you that your pizza has arrived," the site reads. "Your delivery expert will place your order on a safe and clean surface in the location specified in the Delivery Instructions. The delivery expert will move back to a safe distance and wait until you arrive."

The company also lays out its sanitation standards, including the frequency of handwashing from employees and a guarantee that the food is safe. Many companies have done similar and even added it to their ads on television.


While it is noteworthy and shocking if a delivery driver did indeed take a bite out of the pizza before delivery. It would fall in line behind the Amazon delivery driver who spit on a package, while falling well short of a heartwarming story like the FedEx driver who sanitized a package after realizing someone was at risk of the disease at the home.

This could also be another internet hoax, taking advantage of the heightened stress and concern over the safety of food service during the pandemic. Either way, it is pretty clear someone took a bite out of the pizza and they went in crust first. That's an issue on its own if you ask some people.