Man Wipes Nose on Employee's Shirt After Being Asked to Wear a Mask

The past several weeks of quarantine have inspired some touching examples of people coming together and helping one another through an unprecedented time in history. Then there are the less inspiring stories, as is the case with an unidentified Michigan man who refused to wear a mask inside a Dollar Tree.

On Monday, the Holly Police Department released a video showing a man inside the retail outlet approaching an employee before wiping his nose on his sleeve, according to WNDU. Police have said that the employee had asked the man to wear a mask, pointing out the signs on the doors indicating that was still their policy. Allegedly the man replied with, "Here, I will use this as a mask," before wiping his on the employee's sleeve. Other witnesses on the scene claimed that he'd been loud and disruptive prior to the incident.

The man is currently at large and facing an assault charge. Police are asking the public to contact the department if they have any information on the suspect. The outlet also noted that Missouri's Oakland County, where Holly is located, currently has more than 7,500 COVID-19 cases, with 757 deaths as of Monday.

This nose-wiping incident marks the latest in a string of bizarre coronavirus-related crimes. Back in April, a bank in British Columbia was open for its special seniors-only window, which prompted one would-be customer to cough and lick the bank's front door. "I was waiting patiently in the line up for the bank today and this individual lost his mind and started spitting, coughing and licking the door handle," said a witness to the event, according to Viral Hog. "Why you may ask? Because TD, along with many other businesses, are devoting the first hour of operations to seniors and people in need. Apparently, this is 'unacceptable' and 'bulls—,' so buddy decided to make a fuss about it and endanger the lives around him with his actions."

Other crimes include the woman who coughed on more than $30,000 worth of produce as a "prank," and a Walmart customer who spit on the cashier over a price dispute. While it technically wasn't a crime, there was also the notorious TikTok stars who coined the "coronavirus challenge" by licking a toilet seat in mid-March. Just days later it was reported that one of them ended up testing positive for COVID-19.