Cookies Brand Recalls Multiple Products Over Presence of Plastic

Even more cookies are being pulled from store shelves in Canada. Just days after consumers were alerted to a recall of ginger cookies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) shared in a public notice on July 1 that Enjoy Life has recalled multiple bakery products, including cookies, due to the possible presence of plastic.

Per the notice, six products are currently impacted by the recall. They include 170-gram pack sizes of Enjoy Life's Soft Baked Cookies – Snickerdoodle with UPC code 8 53522 00018 4 and Best By "23/MR/10," Soft Baked Cookies – Chocolate Chip with UPC 8 53522 00019 1 and Best By "23/MR/05" and "23/MR/12," and Soft Baked Cookies – Double Chocolate Brownie with UPC 8 53522 00021 4 and Best By "23/MR/06." The recall also includes include the 165-gram size of Enjoy Life Chewy Bars in the Chocolate Chip and Caramel variety with UPC 8 19597 01133 3 and Best By" 23/MR/03," the 250-gram size of Enjoy Life's Breakfast Ovals Chocolate Chip and Banana variety with UPC 8 19597 01270 5 and Best By dates of "23/JA/18" and "23/JA/19," and the 250-gram size of the Berry Medley Breakfast Ovals with UPC 8 19597 01271 2 and Best By dates of "23/FE/10" and "23/MR/10." The recalled products were sold throughout Canada. The CFIA said a food safety investigation is underway, and other products may also need to be recalled. 

Per the notice, "the recall was triggered by a recall in another country." On June 30, Enjoy Life issued a nationwide recall in the United States of several baked snacks products "due to the potential presence of hard plastic pieces." In a notice posted to its website, the Chicago-based company said it "became aware of this issue as a result of internal quality assurance surveillance" and the recall was "being conducted with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency." The company added that "there have been no reports of injury or illness received by Enjoy Life Foods to date related to these products." The full list of the recalled products, which include some sold online on Amazon, can be found by clicking here.


Due to the safety hazard that the baked goods pose to consumers, those who purchased the recalled Enjoy Life products are advised not to eat them. The products should also not be served, sold, or distributed. The company said the recalled products should be discarded, but consumers should keep the packaging and contact the company at 1-855-543-5335 for further information about the recall and how to receive a refund.