2024 Kellogg's Cereal Recall, Explained

Some boxes may contain hard lumps of cereal that do not dissolve in milk.

Popular breakfast cereal manufacturer Kellogg's has initiated a recall of its chocolate cornflakes in the United Kingdom following customer complaints of hard lumps in the cereal that could pose a choking risk. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) of the UK has advised consumers who purchased the affected 450-gram boxes, with best-before dates ranging from Dec. 6, 2024, to April 28, 2025, to discard them as a precautionary measure and contact the brand for a full refund.

Kellanova, the company responsible for producing Kellogg's cereals in Europe, has confirmed that the voluntary recall specifically pertains to Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chocolate Flavour cereal, which was introduced to the market in January 2024. The product is available at Tesco, One Stop, Londis, Budgens, Booker Premier stores, and Booker Cash & Carry outlets.

According to Kellanova, a small portion of the boxes may contain hard lumps of cereal that do not dissolve when consumed with milk. These lumps not only present a minimal risk of dental damage but also pose a potential choking hazard. The company discovered this issue after receiving consumer complaints and promptly took action to address the concern.

The FSA emphasized the importance of product recalls and withdrawals in situations where there is a risk to consumer safety. In cases involving food allergy risks, the agency issues Allergy Alerts to inform the public. However, the current recall of Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chocolate Flavour cereal is not related to any allergen concerns but rather to the presence of hard lumps that could cause harm to consumers.

Kellogg's has reassured customers that the recall is limited to the specific product and best-before dates mentioned and does not affect any other cereals or Kellogg's products. The company has urged consumers to check their pantries and dispose of any affected boxes to ensure their safety.

Consumers who have purchased the affected Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chocolate Flavour cereal are advised to follow the FSA's guidance and contact the brand at this website for a full refund.