Brace Yourself Because Christmas Tree Brows Are Here

There's a new beauty trend for Christmas 2017, and it's not one you expected. Christmas Tree Eyebrows are now a thing, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to display some extra-special Christmas cheer.

YouTuber Taylor R. posted a how-to video last week, and it's gained over 127,000 views. She also posted a clip on Instagram, which has over 239,000 views.

Taylor said she grew out her eyebrows for a few days, and used clear wax on her brows while combing them out. She combed the brows to make them look like trees. She used concealer to add to the effect. Then, she added eyebrow gel to create the tree stumps.

Next, she added gemstone to create mini-ornaments on the trees. To top it all off, she added a star sticker on the "tops" of the "trees" to complete the look.

Taylor inspired a new trend on Instagram, with over 100 other users trying out #ChristmasTreeEyebrows. It also started trending on Twitter and Facebook.

Taylor is a Canadian-born YouTuber who now lives in Hong Kong, according to her Instagram bio. She has over 750,000 subscribers.

Here are some other women trying out #ChristmasTreeEyebrows.


Others think the trend is a little silly.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Taylor R.