This 'Real Life Barbie' Is on a Quest for the Biggest Breasts in Germany

Living by the motto "plastic is fantastic", one Berlin woman sets out to have the biggest breasts in Germany.

Paris Herms is the self-proclaimed "Real Barbie of Berlin" to social media followers years after she admired the look of the dolls she played with as a child. "I adored the beauty and fragility of them," she told the Daily Mail.

The 26-year-old had her first cosmetic procedure (lip fillers) at age 17, then she underwent her first breast enlargement at age 18. All in all, she's reportedly spent about $39,000 on her mission to look like a walking, talking plastic doll.

Recently, Herms had a rhinoplasty to change the shape of her nose and a second breast augmentation. These changes in her breast size have taken her from a B cup to D cup, then to her current G cup size. But she isn't satisfied quite yet.

The model says she's on a quest to have the biggest boobs in Germany, which she hopes to achieve with one more surgery. She currently has 1,000 CCs in her breasts and wants to inflate them to 2,000 CCs.

Herms is also planning to have a butt lift and have two of her ribs removed to shrink the size of her waist.

Though her looks have garnered some negative attention, Herms doesn't plan to stop her procedures until she's happy with her total Barbie-like body.


And to others looking to feel more confident in their bodies—potentially though surgery—she sends a message of encouragement. "Live your life because you only have one life," she told the Daily Mail. "At the end of the day it's you who needs to be happy with yourself."

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