Area 51 Expert Bob Lazar Has an Instagram Account, and Fans Love It

It turns out that Area 51 expert Bob Lazar has an Instagram account, and fans are loving it. Lazar is a scientist who claims to have worked at the military site in the 1980s, and around 30 years ago he essentially blew the whistle on what he had seen there. Recently, Lazar was the subject of a documentary titled Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, which explores his claims of having worked with alien technology. He has also appeared on the hit History Channel series, Ancient Aliens.

While his Instagram account how been up for over a year and only has 21 posts to date, fans of the physicist are very into what he has to say.

In a post that Lazar shared in April about the documentary being "officially selected by the FREEP Film Festival in Detroit Michigan" one fan commented, "Bob if you see this, I believe your story."

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"My dad taught me about you when I was young. Thanks to the knowledge you chose to share with us. I'm 38 and still follow you. Truth teller. Not whistle blower," another follower complemented. "Just like Dr. Sebi. You knew there was advanced technology made from basic materials that could advance us. Evil corporation don't want that info to get out. Thank u [Bob]. You have paved the runway for all of our minds to fly to infinity and beyond."

In another post, Lazar shared a drawing he did of an alleged alien spacecraft while being filmed in the documentary.

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"I can't imagine why, but so many people have requested a copy of this drawing it's unbelievable. In my opinion it's just a crummy sketch I did 'on the fly' for Jeremy's' film, he wrote in the post caption. "Jeremy is proving me with the original and I'm going to have a bunch printed in the original size. For those interested, I'll let you know here when they are available."

Fans loved this post as well, with one commenting, "From what you've said I know you never wanted the attention you are receiving, but for what it is worth I would like to thank you for the sacrifices you have endured and continue to endure to make this information available to the public. You have truly contributed something huge and lasting to the human experience."


Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers is currently streaming on Netflix.