Amanda Knox Reveals Recent Miscarriage in Emotional Podcast Episode

Amanda Knox is opening up about her recent miscarriage during her first pregnancy with husband Christopher Robinson. The 34-year-old, who spent four years in Italian prison for a murder she was later acquitted of, opened up about her tragic pregnancy loss during Labyrinths podcast, emotionally revealing that she experienced a miscarriage at six weeks.

Opening up about her fertility journey in the first episode in a five-part miniseries about infertility, Knox said she and her husband "thought it was a straight line from unprotected sex to baby." Robinson, whom Knox married in February 2020, however, said they soon learned they "were wrong. Painfully wrong," according to PEOPLE. Although Knox said she "got pregnant very fast" once they began trying, and after they shared the exciting news with their parents on Mother's Day that they were expecting their first child together, the couple said they tragically learned during their eight-week scan that their baby did not have a heartbeat. While the doctor advised the couple set another appointment for a week later, Knox said she "knew something was wrong."

"We went back in a week later — that week sucked, waiting — and it hadn't grown. It didn't have a heartbeat," she recalled. "That was confusing to me, because I thought, 'Why would there be a dead baby just hanging out in there? If it wasn't viable, why wasn't it going away?' My body didn't even know, and that felt weird to me... I didn't know that you could have a missed miscarriage. For all intents and purposes, I was pregnant with something that just was not growing."

Knox's doctors explained that her body would likely "figure it out sooner or later," though they advised her to "induce it," telling her that "it could take weeks, and if you wait, it becomes a more invasive procedure, a D&C is more invasive than a pill-based miscarriage." An emotional Knox recalled "shaking" from a pain "like I've never experienced before" followed by two days of "birthing blood, wads of blood" after filling the prescription. Robinson said he was horrified at seeing his "usually tough" wife in so much pain, explaining that he found her "crumpled" and "wracked with pain" in their bedroom.


After experiencing the miscarriage, Knox admitted that she "did feel incredibly disappointed that that was the story of my first-ever pregnancy… I thought, like, I knew exactly what I want to do with my first pregnancy, and to have it not come to fruition not through choice felt like a betrayal." She said she questioned, "'Why? Do I have bad eggs and I never knew? Am I actually too old? Did something happen to me while I was over in Italy?'" Despite the painful memories, Knox said she and her husband plan to try again, with Knox stating that her doctors told her to "give yourself time and I don't want time, I want to get back on track."