Amanda Knox Engaged 7 Years After Leaving Prison in Wrongful Murder Conviction

Amanda Knox, the Seattle student who spent four years in Italian prison for a murder she was later acquitted of, got engaged to her longtime boyfriend this week.

Christopher Robinson, a 36-year-old Seattle poet and author, proposed to Knox with an elaborate stunt involving a fake meteorite landing just outside their apartment. After Knox, 31, approached the rock while John Williams' E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial music played, she pulled out a tablet with the history of their romance printed on it. The text was titled "the Knox-Robinson Coalescence."

After Knox read the tablet, Robinson proposed.

"Will you stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns out and even after that? Amanda Marie Knox, will you marry me?" Robinson asked.

Knox said yes. She then asked Robinson how he pulled off the stunt.

At the end of the video, Robinson said he spent over a year putting together "this insanity" and thanked his friends and family for not spilling the beans early.

Robinson also explained at the end of the clip that Knox does not wear rings, which is why he did not propose with an engagement ring.

"And, yes, those are Gryffindor pajama pants, even though she's a Hufflepuff," he wrote at the end, referring to Knox's Harry Potter pants. "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!"

Knox also shared the first minute of the video on her Instagram page, adding, "It was just your average Sunday night, when suddenly..."

According to PEOPLE, Knox and Robinson met in 2015 after she wrote a review of War of the Encyclopaedists, co-written by Robinson. They met at a book launch and later hung out at his co-author's home. At the end of the night, they shook hands and Robinson told her, "I think you're someone I should be friends with."

Knox told PEOPLE last year it was an "amazing" moment "because that hadn't happened to me yet, where I came home and someone I didn't know — who I admired for their accomplishments but also thought of potentially as a peer — could be my friend."

Later that year, they started dating and moved in together in 2016.

Knox's engagement comes seven years after she was released from an Italian prison. She and her then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were convicted twice for the 2007 death of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Italy. Sollecito and Knox spent four years in prison before they were exonerated in 2015. Rudy Guede, who was also convicted for Kercher's murder, is still in prison.

Since leaving prison, Knox finished her college degree and became a journalist and activist. She has been the center of several TV documentaries, including Netflix's 2016 film Amanda Knox. She also published a memoir in 2013.


Knox also hosts SundanceTV's The Truth About True Crime podcast, which launched last month with episodes about the Jonestown Massacre.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Amanda Knox