The 10 Best 'College Gameday' Trash-Talk Signs From 2017

The 2017 college football season is coming to an end, meaning we'll have to wait until next fall for more hilarious College GameDay signs.

Students and fans came up with hilarious signs to get on TV each time the ESPN show reached their university. Here are 10 of the best from the past season.

In November, when the show visited the University of Miami, a group of students came up with an elaborate sign about Jesus. When they put the arms together, his hands created the famous 'U' logo.

One fan took a dig at the Virginia Tech Hockies' bowl game performances.

This is a fun joke about Baylor's lack of wins. Baylor ended the season with one win, the same number of W's in the alphabet.

Some signs have nothing to do with the games themselves. This fan rubbed Tim Tebow's low bating average in his face.

This joke is actually true.

Is using Snapchat filters a bad thing? Probably if you're a college coach.

Considering that Forrest Gump was a fictional character, this isn't a compliment.

Woah, how can you call Oklahoma! "average"?

In the background, you can find "Navy Shoots Blanks."


Last but not least, this kid has his career all planned out.

The next @kirkherbstreit ?? #beatclemson #accchampionship @collegegameday

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Photo credit: Twitter/ College GameDay