Jeff Bridges Sports a Clean-Shaven Face and Short Hair

bridges before and after
(Photo: Twitter / @Hellogiggles)

There are a lot of reasons to love Jeff Bridges. He is a great actor that has had a lot of iconic roles. He is one of the top five Jeff's in Hollywood. He had great hair. Most importantly, he can be counted on to always give a great performance and to always stick with his signature look.

All of that has changed. Bridges has made a drastic change to his look that goes way beyond the latest hair trends. He has shaved off his magnificent facial hair and cut his flowing locks — RIP.

Now, according to Hello Giggles, this isn't the first time Bridges has done this. After first giving us a glimpse of the amazingness that is his hair and beard combo in The Big Lebowski in 1998, bridges went back to a clean face and short hair.

However, in 2009, he brought it back the hair in Crazy Heart and it has been the look we've all come to love from our second favorite Jeff in Hollywood (Jeff Goldblum being the first). And we were blessed to have this Bridges look until 2016, through movies like True Grit, Tron; Legacy and The Giver.


Now, Bridges fans must accept that our favorite facial hair is gone – for now, at least. Bridges is sporting a clean face and short silver hair. He still looks great, like, really great! But, it breaks our hearts a little. Perhaps this style change will only be temporary (fingers crossed).