What to Get Your Groom on Your Wedding Day

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When it comes to the wedding, all eyes are usually on the bride. But truth be told, a wedding isn’t what it is without our loving groom!

For so many of us, it’s easy to forget the bride isn’t the only one who relishes in the spirit of such a romantic day. Yet as inspired and creative Womanistas always putting those we love first, it’s important to show our affection in a way we know best. A surprise gift for your husband-to-be on the morning of your wedding not only sets a mood, but can also make him feel incredibly loved and appreciated.

Boudoir shoot
There’s an increasing popularity with boudoir sessions among brides today. While the allure of these sensual and exciting images speaks for itself, photographer, Priscilla Kammerer says boudoir can be a tasteful way to create relationship significance. From personal touches like a sports jersey of his go-to team or a favorite shirt, boudoir sessions add a high degree of originality like no other gift. Not to mention, albums are extremely exclusive and an attractive way to strengthen a relationship.

Survival Kit
While it might sound like something for surviving a zombie apocalypse, this is more a tongue-in-cheek gift that pays homage to a shared sense of humor. Cutesy and playful, this kit includes things like an engraved flask filled with his favorite liquor, gag socks for cold feet, mints to ensure that ‘I do’ kiss is a fresh one, and a gorgeous watch as the feature to help him stay on time. The best part about a watch is that he’ll not only wear it every day, but it will anchor memory and be a special keepsake.

The Unexpected Guest
We’re not talking about inviting his exes, unless of course you’re cool with that. This might be a tricky one, but it’s really thoughtful if planned right. If husband-to-be has an old college friend, mentor, or even a relative they admire who can’t attend, take it upon yourself to pay for their accommodations and ensure they are at the wedding. Moreover, if he loves a fictional character, or a legendary icon, like Elvis, add humor to the day by inviting a professional impersonator.

Subscription Services
If you get your hubby-to-be a subscription service, he’ll have an entire wardrobe with accessories, toiletries and luxuries at his disposal for days! Whether it’s clothes, hunting gear or beer, there is a subscription service for everything nowadays. Not only will these services like, The Sportsman’s Box, The Craft Beer Club, Birchbox Men or Trunk Club let him shop without pants on, but each also tailors to exact needs through a concise profile.

Fun Activities Post-Wedding
The best kinds of gifts are the ones that entail an experience full of memory. Whether you plan to make it about you two or want to include his friends, plan an experience with activities like rock climbing, beer tasting, or even a fishing trip. Whatever you choose, pick something he loves. Alternatively, buy season passes to a theme park for the two of you, a concert to enjoy as newlyweds or season tickets to his favorite sports team — granted you will attend some games.


Thoughtful Mementos
For those who tread a more romantic route and like the idea of heartfelt mementos all over your new home, consider thoughtful keepsakes to gift your spouse with. Whether you choose to create a scrapbook or frame photographs and letters from those early days of dating, this is a wonderful reminder of why you two tied the knot. Moreover, giving him a journal the day of the wedding complete with notes of why you love him or even handwritten poems is priceless.

For the Honeymoon
Depending on where you head for your honeymoon and how creative you can be, there are limitless options to gift your spouse. While you might have already packed the essentials, get something exclusively for him that he might not have considered, like a passport cover, luggage tags or travel books. While you’re at it, get him a leather wash bag of luxurious toiletries with a pair of designer sunglasses.