Will Smith Returning to Netflix for Major Project

Will Smith has a new project coming up that will not only bring him back to Netflix, but back to comedy for the first time in several years. Smith will host a new variety comedy special including sketches, musical performances and conversation with big celebrity guests, according to a report by Variety. It is due out later this year in 2021.

Smith is one of the most well-rounded entertainers working today, with a strong reputation in music, comedy, drama and everything in between. Still, this special will be his first time hosting a major variety show, so it will put his skills to the test. Smith will also be an executive producer on the special, along with Terence Carter, Miguel Melendez and Sahara Bushue. Those who have been following Smith's antics on Instagram and YouTube in recent years seem confident that he can carry the show.

Smith first achieved fame as a rapper under the name The Fresh Prince, which took him into acting via The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom. He made the jump from there to blockbuster comedy movies, and then to acting in general. Today, Smith is also known for his dramatic performances, including heartbreakers like The Pursuit of Happyness.

It sounds like Smith's A-list connections will play a role in the special as well. It will reportedly feature some major celebrity guests. It's not clear if these guests will be confined to the "noteworthy conversations" portion of the special or if they might get involved in the sketches and performances.

Whatever the case, it seems likely that Smith's new special will build on his social media success as much as his previous movie success. Smith is an avid user of Instagram and YouTube, where he has amassed almost 54 million followers and 9.33 million subscribers, respectively. This includes vlogs, loose sketches, exercise content and celebrity guest spots.

The most recent running series on Smith's social media platforms shows him getting back into shape after quarantine. Smith proclaimed that the coronavirus pandemic left him in "the worst shape of my life," which is why many of his posts now show him in the gym or at home with his personal trainer.

Smith is also working on an ambitious revival of the sitcom that started it all called Bel-Air on Peacock. The show has already received a two-season order and will feature a more dramatic take on the story set out in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It is based on a fan-made trailer for the same concept by filmmaker Morgan Cooper.


So far, Smith has not commented publicly on the announcement of his new Netflix project, but fans are ecstatic. There is no release date in place just yet.