'Tiger King': Joe Exotic Makes End of Life Plans Official From Prison

Joe Exotic's cancer struggle took a few unforeseen turns in recent days, making his plan to set up for the end of his life a bit clearer. According to TMZ, the infamous true crime subject and current inmate has out the finishing touches on his final will and funeral plans. His decision includes adding his new fiance as his next-of-kin.

As the outlet outlines, Exotic recently expanded on his desires for the end of his life. He even shifted his will to leave his entire estate to Seth Posey, his current fiance whom he met online. If Exotic outlives Posey, it will then go to his son, Cameron, with the disgraced former zoo owner doing all he can to stop others from getting his estate assets and valuables.

TMZ cites former business partner Jeff Lowe, his family members, ex-husband Dillon Passage, and others as those Exotic is keen to avoid. Exotic has also included a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order in his will, looking to avoid any life-saving procedures in the event of cardiac arrest or other end-of-life events.

The decision follows the failure of Exotic to receive a pardon from former President Donald Trump in 2020, with TMZ adding that the true crime subject feels, "he's done."

"I am sick of people standing in line waiting to collect my stuff," Exotic says in the call, according to TMZ. Part of the reason for his decision could be connected to his past diagnosis of prostate cancer.

According to Yahoo, Exotic's prostate cancer is currently in remission despite his body struggling to heal and regain strength after going through radiation treatment. He was left with "common variable immunodeficiency," which is a condition that leaves patients with low levels of antibodies and an increased risk of infection throughout the body.

Exotic has also not given up hope that he may receive a new trial or even a pardon from his 20-year sentence. "It [has] been 10 months since filing a motion for new trial. Don't you think it's time the judge should rule on something? Prison is back on covid restrictions again," Exotic shared on Twitter. "I'm gonna f-ing die before somebody does something."