'The Witcher' Season 2 to Possibly Cast 'Game of Thrones' Actor Kristofer Hivju

Netflix has already greenlit The Witcher for Season 2, and it may come with a familiar face. [...]

Netflix has already greenlit The Witcher for Season 2, and it may come with a familiar face. Eagle-eyed fans noticed an Instagram interaction between director Stephen Surjik and actor Kristofer Hivju, former Game of Thrones star. It seems possible that Hivju may go from Westeros to The Continent when The Witcher returns.

Hivju was one of the most beloved stars of Game of Thrones, known for playing Tormund Giantsbane, the red-haired Wildling leader. According to a report by PopCulture.com's sister site Comicbook.com, there is reason to suspect that he may be on The Witcher Season 2 when it finally airs.

The evidence comes from an Instagram post by Surjik, a director who has worked with Netflix before on Lost in Space. Surjik is reportedly scouting locations for The Witcher Season 3, and he has been tagging stars like Henry Cavill in the pictures from his trip. Last week, he tagged Hivju in one of the posts as well.

Surjik has since deleted the post, but not before fans took note of the tagging. In addition to Cavill and Hivju, Anya Chaoltra was tagged in the picture. She co-starred in The Witcher as Yennefer of Vengerberg, the sorceress.

Additionally, actress Krysten Ritter commented a fire emoji on the post, leading some to wonder if she might turn up in the series as well. Surjik directed Ritter in some of Netflix's now-canceled Marvel Studios tie-in series, like The Defenders.

However, Surjik has never worked with Hivju on any projects in the past, so fans believe the only explanation is that Hivju is coming to The Witcher in Season 2. Only time will tell, but we have already seen that the growing world of fantasy adaptations do not mind pulling in cast members from other series — especially Game of Thrones.

Sadly, fans will probably have to wait quite some time for The Witcher Season 2, with or without Hivju. Season 1 dropped last month, and it was a huge hit for Netflix. However, work on a second season did not begin until after the first was out, and production on such a massive series tends to move pretty slowly.

Season 2 is expected to begin filming in London very soon. There will be eight more episodes in the new installment, slated for release in 2021. While Season 1 adapted the books The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, there is no word yet on which parts of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels will come next, or how far it will go.

The Witcher is streaming now on Netflix.