'The Twilight Zone' Season 2 Premiere Date, Teaser Trailer Revealed on CBS All Access

The premiere date for Season 2 of the Twilight Zone reboot on CBS All Access has been revealed, along with a brief teaser. In a social media post, it was announced that the sci-fi anthology series will debut its newest season on June 25. The show also debuted the first footage of the show in a teaser clip, showing stars such as Billy Porter, Joel McHale, and Christopher Meloni.

Notably, the announcement also reveals that the show will be dropping all episodes in the same day, which is different than how Season 1 played out. For the premiere season of the Twilight Zone reboot, a few episodes debuted and then the show aired new episodes weekly for several weeks. The move to release all the episodes at once is an interesting and exciting one, as it will allow fans to binge the episodes at once, if they so choose. This is a structure commonly used by other streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu.

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In addition to the aforementioned stars, the new season will also feature That '70s Show star Topher Grace, Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg), and Emmy nominee Morena Baccarin. Other actors appearing in the new episodes include Damon Wayans Jr. (Big Hero 6), Kylie Bunbury (Law & Order: SVU), Jimmi Simpson (Westworld), Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!), and Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Birds of Prey). Finally, the new season of the The Twilight Zone will feature Sophia Macy, the daughter of Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, making her small screen acting debut.

The show will once again be hosted by modern-horror master Jordan Peele, who also is an executive producer of the new series. In a previous interview with Variety, Peele spoke about when the idea of rebooting The Twilight Zone was first pitched to him. He admitted that the prospect "terrified" him, so he said "no." Peele explained, "Why would I ever jump into the most established, pristine shoes in all of the genre? I could rip Twilight Zone off and call it something different and not be compared to Rod Serling. So I stepped away from it."


Eventually however, Peele got a call from Simon Kinberg — his fellow producer on the reboot — which ignited his passion for the project. "The realization, for me, was that it was an opportunity to attempt to continue with Serling's mission," he shared. "If we approach it without ego and sort of bow to Serling, that will hopefully suffice for our fellow Twilight Zone fans but also bring back a show that I think is needed right now. Because it's a show that has always helped us look at ourselves, hold a mirror up to society."