'The Ranch': Colt and Abby Flirt in New Part 7 Teaser

The Ranch's seventh part will premiere on Sept. 13, and Netflix just dished out a new preview for one of the upcoming episodes. The teaser is a brief scene between Colt Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) and his estranged wife, Abby Phillips-Bennett (Elisha Cuthbert). The two ham it up in their signature style, flirting a bit and ignoring the deep tension they're been dealing with recently.

The exchange is all about an upcoming school function Abby has to attend, with Colt using it as a chance to mock book fairs.

"I just found out there was this thing for school," Abby says.

Colt interrupts, saying, "Not another book fair. You know, you guys can't call it that. 'Hey kids, let's go to the fair. There ain't no cotton candy or roller coaster, but we got...books?'"

Abby then clarifies that it is not a book fair, but then makes sure her thoughts on the subject are still heard.

"OK. No, it's a mixer 'cause they want all the new teachers to meet everyone. It's this Friday at Maggie's," she says before coyly saying, "And by the way, book fairs are fun. OK, you don't need cotton candy or roller coasters when you have a ticket to the greatest ride of all: your imagination."

Colt smirks and replies, "How did I never stuff you in a locker in high school?"

Abby says, "You did. That's how we met."

Fans then weighed in on whose side of the argument they agree with, saying they were either "Team Abby" or "Team Colt."

However, they were also a load of other replies to the teaser, and they were referencing Rooster Bennett, the character played by Danny Masterson that was basically killed off at the start of Part 6.

In real life, Masterson was accused of sexual assault and was fired from the series. Masterson has maintained his innocence, leading many fans to be furious that Netflix cut his character from the series.


All past episodes of The Ranch are currently streaming on Netflix. Part 7 will be released on Sept. 13, with Part 8 coming some time in 2020.

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix