'The Outlaws' Season 3 Fate Revealed at Prime Video

Prime Video has officially revealed the fate of The Outlaws Season 3. Deadline reports that the crime-comedy series — a joint production between Prime Video and BBC One — will be back for Season 3. Amazon Prime subscribers can currently stream the first two seasons of The Outlaws on Prime Video.

The Outlaws follows a group of mismatched people all thrown together in a court-ordered community service project. As the story unfolds, their lives grow much more intertwined than any of them could have imagined. The series was created by Stephen Merchant and Elgin James (Mayans M.C.), with Merchant also starring as one of the lead characters. Additional cast members include like Christopher Walken, Rhianne Barreto Darren Boyd, Gamba Cole, Jessica Gunning, Clare Perkins, Eleanor Tomlinson and Charles Babalola.

PopCulture.com previously had a chance to speak with Barreto and Cole, who play Rani and Christian, respectively, the two youngest members of the group. It's their connection that the most intense and thrilling elements of the show revolve around, as the pair wind up involved on the wrong side of some dangerous characters, which risks putting everyone in danger. During our conversation, the pair dished on what it was like working with such "titans of acting," such as Merchant and Walken.

"It was amazing. I mean, everyone was such titans of acting. It just felt like there wasn't a weak link," Barreto said of her castmates. "Especially when all of us were in a scene, it felt like theater, because the scenes would be pages and pages long and everyone would have something to say in the scene. So you just didn't want to be the person that messed it up." Barreto went on to praise Cole. "Then obviously being with Gamba was lovely, because we've worked together before and have a friendship outside of work, and it just felt really lovely to have a person that you love, someone that you knew straight away in the job already. It was just one less thing to kind of worry about, which was amazing."

When it came to having Merchant on-set regularly, Cole says it was he "was so glad that he was there." He continued, "I mean, Stephen is so great, because I remember a time we was doing a scene and he was directing it, but he was also in it. So as we were outside of a door, he'd have a monitor and he was just looking at the scene and stuff, and as soon as we call action, he switches into his character, walks through the door and me and him have our scene together."

Cole went on to say, "I was just in awe, because you never, you don't really get the privilege of seeing something like that, and he would go home and he would start the edit. But it wasn't just about what he was doing on set as well. He would always check in with us outside and give us calls and FaceTime, and anything that I was unsure about, or any dialogue bits that I wanted to adjust or change, he wasn't too precious on. He was happy to let us explore, as long as it obviously stayed true to the story. But yeah, it was amazing. It was so good to have him there."