'The OA' on Netflix Begins Season 2 Filming in January

It looks like fans’ interpretive dance moves to channel the cosmos have paid off. Brit Marling, the co-creator of Netflix’s The OA, has confirmed that season 2 is well on its way.

On Saturday, the actress announced the news on Twitter, sharing a picture of herself sitting in front of eight completed scripts, writing “Excited and terrified by the road map of these 8 scripts, which took us all summer and fall to write. Shooting Part II of The OA starts Jan. 2018. Here goes something…”

The Netflix original series premiered on December 16, 2016 and was renewed for a second season just six weeks later. Following the story of a blind young woman whose sight is miraculously restored when she returns home seven years after her disappearance, the show quickly gathered a growing fanbase and critical acclaim.

While little is known about the second season, Marling’s tweet does give away a few clues.


The first episode of the season appears to be titled “Angel of Death,” possibly alluding to The OA/Prairie Johnson’s fate after she was shot during a school shooting in the season finale. The cover, which features an illustration of the Golden Gate Bridge, also suggests that parts of the second season will be set in San Francisco. The fourth episode of the season appears to be titled “SYZYGY.”

Netflix has not yet announced a premiere date for season 2 of The OA.