'The Morning Show' Season 2: Major Character Dies in Latest Episode of Apple TV+ Series

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[The Morning Show Season 2, Episode 7 spoilers ahead]. With just a few episodes left in its sophomore season, The Morning Show has brought out some very intense moments for our favorite characters, including a death no one saw coming in its latest. In the seventh episode of the season titled "La Amara Vita," Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) heads to Italy to seek closure from Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), while also figuring out what he shared with Maggie Brenner (Marcia Gay Harden) about their relationship in her forthcoming book. The two who had been romantically involved before his sexual misconduct came to light and got him fired from UBC, shared a melancholy day together, talking, fighting and then dancing in his Lake Como home. Mitch sharing what he knows about the book and how he's somehow changed after all the events that transpired, reveals he is also hanging out with budding local filmmaker, Paola Lambruschini (Valeria Golino). 

However, things take a very dramatic turn after Alex and Mitch part ways, and the two are in their respective cars. With Alex on her way back to New York after Mitch gets her a flight back home, Mitch goes out to get cigarettes for Paola after the two sleep together, and for a moment he is driving in the dark of night most peacefully. However, his mind soon goes to those "pretty dark places" after he "lost everything that gave [his] life meaning" and lets the voices take his thoughts, thinking about all the things he had done. Realizing that everyone still hates him in light of the Vanity Fair article releasing and alleging he only targeted Black women (including, Mia Jordan played by Karen Pittman), it's in this moment that he loses himself. Interspersed with voices from people he felt betrayed by, including his wife (Embeth Davidtz); Alex; the network, and head booker, Hannah Shoenfeld (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who took her own life after Mitch gaslighted her into believing she used him for a promotion, Mitch is distracted and almost hit by an oncoming car. 

As he manages to swerve away from the car coming from around the bend, he notices himself turning slightly toward a cliff. It is only seconds later that he decidedly lets go of the wheel, not hitting the brakes and drives off the precipice. Before the final moments of his car crashing into the hill below him, Mitch's life is flashing before his eyes, and the last memory he sees is of him and Alex dancing in his home earlier that day. With her crying on his shoulder, the screen goes to black. 

This past season of The Morning Show, Mitch has been trying his hardest to seek redemption by living away from the epicenter of his actions and sexual predation by taking up residence in Lake Como, Italy. While we soon learn he cannot get away from it as a young American woman recognizes him and publicly confronts him, local documentarian Paola comes to his rescue early on with the two becoming fast friends and someone Mitch feels he can trust. Aniston, who stars and executive produces the series, told The Hollywood Reporter this season would hit a lot of "gray area" when it comes to understanding Carell's Mitch.

"What happens to a Mitch Kessler? There's such varying degrees of unthinkable and unforgivable actions. But, what is it that happens? Do they just disappear off into the ether? Do they never get a job again? Is there room for redemption? Is there room for self-reflection and forgiveness? Are these inherently evil people?" she said. "It is such a gray area and one of the things I love so much about the show is how it will never just be black and white; it will always peep behind the curtain of the real conversations that are going on behind closed doors that are never dared to be uttered out loud and in public. Because that's what's interesting. And that's what's actually happening."

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