Why 'The Morning Show' Isn't on Netflix

The Morning Show drives a lot of conversation in TV discussions, mostly due to the leading duo of Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. The show has drawn a lot of eyeballs in recent years, ever since its development was reported on in the Hollywood trades. Loads of people love Aniston and Witherspoon (as well as co-star Steve Carell) and are clamoring to see the series. There's just one problem: The Morning Show isn't on Netflix. Furthermore, it's hard to see a world where it ever ends up on Netflix. This fact upsets some fans of the leading pair, mainly because Netflix is the core streaming service for lots of households. ("Netflix" is basically a de-facto term for streaming content for many.)

You might be asking, "Why is it not on Netflix?" or "Didn't I hear that this was going to Netflix?" Well, while Netflix was in the mix for possible homes for The Morning Show, it ended up landing at Apple TV+, Apple's relatively new streaming service that also houses Jason Sudeikis' Ted Lasso, Jason Momoa's See, Chris Evans' Defending Jacob and the Tom Hanks movie Greyhound. Season 1 is streaming in full there now, with episodes of Season 2 rolling out each week. With Apple TV+ being a standalone service, it doesn't seem that The Morning Show will hit Netflix any time soon.

Netflix was constantly in the conversation as speculation about the show began. In The Hollywood Reporter's initial story on the project, Lesley Goldberg wrote, "The package, which has not yet hit the market, is expected to be taken out to premium cable outlets like HBO and streaming services including Netflix. Given the stars attached, it is expected to draw significant interest from multiple bidders." Soon after, The Financial Times reported that Netflix was dueling with Apple for rights to the series. In November 2017, Apple was victorious, securing The Morning Show with a two-season (20 episodes) order. The cast soon filled out, with Steve Carell and Billy Crudup coming aboard, among others.


With Apple TV+'s smaller install base, the show surely hasn't been seen by the biggest audience possible, even with steady interest in Aniston and Witherspoon's collaboration. Some fans might not even realize the show is out. But it is! You can head right here to check out the series, as well as all the other offerings on Apple TV+.