'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers': Coach Cole Has Conversation With Evan in Season 2 Exclusive Clip

Things are getting interesting on the Disney+ series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. PopCulture.com obtained an exclusive clip of the upcoming episode titled "Trade Rumors," and it shows Coach Cole (Josh Duhamel) having a tough conversation with Evan (Brady Noon). Cole believes that Evan has a lot of talent but doesn't beleive he has what it takes to make it to the NHL. A disappointed Evan tells the former NHL player that he's going to prove him wrong. 

Season 2 of The Mighty Ducks features the team in California at a hockey training camp called the Elite Performance Ice Center. Cole runs the camp and is also the coach of the team called Dominate which features Evan, who is playing against his friends. Evan is the only one in the Mighty Ducks team who has bought into the camp because he believes it will make him a better player.

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Noon talked about how Season 2 is deeper than the first season. "I would definitely say it's a lot more in-depth than season one," Noon said. "I think in Season 1, you saw a lot of hockey and not too much of diving into the characters and diluting that. But I feel like, in Season 2, you really get to experience the characters and learn a little bit something new about everyone." 

Duhamel joined the cast of The Mighty Ducks this season, replacing Emilio Estevez who played Gordon Bombay in Season 1 and the three Mighty Ducks films. PopCulture.com also spoke to Duhamel, and he said he felt the pressure of making sure the show didn't lose a step when he came into the mix. 

"It was a little bit intimidating, to be honest, first coming in, knowing what they did the first season and how successful it was," Duhamel said. "Emilio has done such a great job in all the other iterations of the show. So it was like a bit of a task to come in and sort of find my way. But it was a character that was very different, and he runs this intense hockey institute where the best of the best come and try to get better and go to the next level. And that's what he's all about is performance, excellence, achievement, all these things that are great, but there are other aspects of life that he falls a little bit short on." New episodes of The Mighty Ducks are available every Wednesday on Disney+.