'The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers' Cast Members Explain How Season 2 Has 'More Depth' (Exclusive)

Season 2 of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is now streaming on Disney+, and the Ducks are dealing with some new challenges. The team is in Califonia to participate in a hockey camp led by former NHL play Colin Cole (Josh Duhamel), and the camp tests them in different ways. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, the cast members of the show talk about how Season 2 is deeper than the first season. 

"I would definitely say it's a lot more in-depth than season one," Brady Noon, who plays Evan Morrow, exclusively told PopCulture. " I think in season one, you saw a lot of hockey and not too much of diving into the characters and diluting that. But I feel like, in Season 2, you really get to experience the characters and learn a little bit something new about everyone." 

Season 2 also features a new character, Jace Cole played by Naveen Paddock. Jace is Colin's son and is not big on hockey. When talking about the new season, Paddock said, "I think that's what's really, really nice about Season 2 is that I feel like each character has their own arc and their own experiences. And I think that we do a really good job of getting into each experience, which I'm really excited to see on screen."

One character that has an issue with the hockey institute is Sofi played by Swayam Bhatia. For Sofi, the camp reminds her of what she went through with the first Mighty Ducks team that cut Evan in Season 1. Sofia and Evan have developed a relationship and notice how much he is enjoying the camp because it has everything he wants when it comes to developing his hockey skills. 

"I think it gives her flashbacks to when she was on The Mighty Ducks like you mentioned, and she worked so hard in season one to get away from that," Bhatia said. "So I think she was expecting this summer to be with her Don't Bother friends and to get away from everything that she was stuck to before. So she was really just hoping for a relaxing summer, not necessarily going back to that really tough Mighty Ducks, or should I say mean Mighty Ducks ways. So I think when she got to the camp, it's not quite what she was expecting."