'The Crown' Season 4: Netflix Reveals First Look at Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher in New Photos

Netflix has shared a first look at Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher in the upcoming fourth season of The Crown. The X-Files star had briefly been seen in a promo for Season 4 released in late August.

Teasing the new role in first-look images on Tuesday, Anderson's Thatcher could be seen dressed in blue waving from the steps of 10 Downing Street with husband Denis Thatcher, portrayed by Stephen Boxer. The additional photos also gave fans a glimpse of Emma Corrin taking on the role of the late Princess Diana and her relationship with the media, a photo showing the heavy presence of paparazzi in the background. The photos also provided new glimpses of Olivia Coleman's Queen Elizabeth and Helena Bonham Carter's Princess Margaret.

Anderson was confirmed to be joining the cast of the Netflix historical drama in January of 2019. In a statement, she said she was "so excited to be joining" the series and "to have the opportunity to portray such a complicated and controversial woman." Of Thatcher, Britain's first female prime minister, she said she "was undoubtedly formidable." Anderson added that she was "relishing exploring beneath the surface and, dare I say, falling in love with the icon who, whether loved or despised, defined an era."

Thatcher served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990, making not only the first woman to hold the position but also the longest-serving British prime minister of the 20th century. She became known as The Iron Lady thanks to her uncompromising politics and leadership style that would become known as Thatcherism, as Entertainment Weekly reports. Her time as Prime Minister is set to play a crucial role in the upcoming season of The Crown, with the official synopsis reading, in part, "As the nation begins to feel the impact of divisive policies introduced by Britain's first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher tensions arise between her and the Queen which only grow worse as Thatcher leads the country into the Falklands War, generating conflict within the Commonwealth."

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly last year, Anderson described the relationship between Thatcher and the Queen as "complicated." She explained that "they are in a relationship by necessity and certainly Thatcher was a monarchist, but she liked the monarchy to stay in its role and not get involved."


As teased in the new set of images released Tuesday, the season will also focus on the relationship between Diana and Prince Charles. In a divisive time for the United Kingdom, their romance "provides a much-needed fairytale to unite the British people," though "behind closed doors, the Royal family is becoming increasingly divided."

The first three seasons of The Crown are available for streaming on Netflix. Season 4 will premiere on Sunday, Nov. 15. The Crown has already been picked up for Seasons 5 and 6. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for the latest information.