Game Show Pranks Its Contestants for April Fools' Day Episode

One of YouTube's newest game shows is back with a new episode. Unfortunately for its contestants, it was for an April Fools' Day installment. Survival Series, the new quiz game show from WrestleTalk's partsFUNknown, returned for a new episode just in time for WrestleMania weekend. However, the contestants didn't get to put their WrestleMania knowledge to the test as they'd hoped. In celebration of April Fools' Day, Survival Series host Tempest grilled the WrestleTalk staff on the topic of the WWE 24/7 Championship, which is widely accepted as one of the least prestigious titles in wrestling.

The WWE 24/7 title, a spiritual successor to the WWE Hardcore Championship, was a belt that had to be defended any time, any place. While that's an interesting concept, it quickly devolved into a recurring comedy bit on WWE broadcasts that elicited groans from the WWE fan base. It debuted in 2019, only to be retired in November 2022 after Paul Levesque (Triple H) took over the company's creative direction. The goal of Survival Series is to list off a series for wrestlers tied to a certain topic, and needless to say, the list of 24/7 champions isn't one that's fresh on the average wrestling fan's mind.

Contestants Adam Blampied, Oliver Davis, Luke Owen, Pete Quinnell and Sullivan Beau Brown all squirmed in an attempt to remember a list of names that includes WWE mainstays like R-Truth and Nikki Cross, as well as celebrities like Rob Gronkowski and Bad Bunny. (Luckily, they didn't have to list them in reverse chronological order, as Tempest had demanded in previous episodes.) They weren't too successful, naming only a small fraction of the 57 people to hold the title. However, one staff member comes out on top.

You can watch the full Survival Series episode above. partsFUNknown also debuted a new episode of QuizzleMania, their more expansive quiz show, this week, as well.