Hit Quiz Show Only Releasing 4 New Episodes in 2023

One of the internet's funniest quiz shows is slowing down its release schedule, but fans should expect a new episode very soon. QuizzleMania, the professional wrestling-themed game show, is switching to a quarterly release cycle. That means only four QuizzleMania episodes will be released in 2023, with the first 2023 episode arriving soon. As host Adam Blampied explained at the end of the 2022 wrap-up episode, the next installment of the trivia series will be released close to WrestleMania 39 (April 1-2).

"When will we see you next? It won't be next month," Blampied explained. "Well, you see, we've reached the end of 2022, and we've decided to relax how often we are releasing QuizzleMania. Instead, we're going to be releasing four QuizzleManias every single year to keep it a little bit special. We'll be releasing one around WrestleMania time, one around SummerSlam, one probably in between SummerSlam and Survivor Series, and then, of course, another 'Big Fat QuizzleMania of the Year,' so we will see you when we're on the road to WrestleMania."

QuizzleMania comes from partsFUNknown, one of WrestleTalk's YouTube brands. The channel typically features more lighthearted lists and programs, such as QuizzleMania. The quiz show, which has aired 55 episodes since its series premiere streamed on April 1, 2020, typically sees WrestleTalk personalities like Oli Davis, Luke Owen, Laurie Blake, Pete Quinnell, Tempest and Andy Datson put their knowledge to the test. Some regular guests include Chris Van Vliet, Sean Ross Sapp, Denise Salcedo and rapper Wale. Some wrestlers have even appeared on the show, including Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Melina, SoCal Val and Colt Cabana.

While fans of WWE and AEW will be disappointed that one of the internet's most entertaining shows about professional wrestling is slowing down, partsFUNknown has another offering that might be of interest. Just as QuizzleMania went to a quarterly release, the channel debuted a new game show, Survival Series. Survival Series sees the WrestleTalk crew attempt to correctly list off a series of wrestlers in chronological order (ie: Royal Rumble winners, Intercontinental Champions, etc.) with little room for error.