Cartoon Network Saves Canceled HBO Max Show

HBO Max has absolutely obliterated its catalog this month, with around 40 titles being purged from the streaming service's catalog this week alone. This week's cuts came in lots of family-friendly projects, such as episodes of Sesame Street and Uncle Grandpa. Some originals were cuts, as well, including the YA-skewing Infinity Train and the adult animated sitcom Close Enough. Another one of those originals was Summer Camp Island, which had an already-produced season yet to air. However, fans finally got some good news on that front in wake of the HBO Max purge.

After airing Season 1 on Cartoon Network and Seasons 2-5 on HBO Max, Summer Camp Island is headed back to cable. Season 6 of the show will premiere on Cartoon Network some time in late 2022. This update came via The A.V. Club in a statement from the network about both Summer Camp Island and Victor and Valentino. Victor and Valentino is a Cartoon Network show, but its streaming rights were with HBO Max, which opted to cut the show this week. Cartoon Network assured animation fans that Victor and Valentino's remaining Season 3 installments will safely air via their TV home, and Summer Camp Island is coming back to the station, as well.

"Victor & Valentino and Summer Camp Island will continue to air on Cartoon Network," the statement read. "Fans can look forward to the remaining new episodes of both shows on CN this year."

The show's creator, Julia Pott, was elated by the news. She's previously been vocal about her displeasure with HBO Max's removal of the series, especially after the streamer delayed Season 6's release just days before it was planned to happen earlier this summer.

"Cartoon Network thank you for advocating for us, and seeing the value in our show," Pott wrote on Twitter. "I hope other creators get the same kind of support from their distribution partners." She also went on to thank the community of Summer Camp Island fans, saying, "You've proven childlike wonder and animation can make an impact."

While the streaming futures of both shows are in limbo, they can be bought digitally. They are also available through various on-demand cable/live TV streaming packages.