Stephen Root Loves 'Really Good Lessons' of Dreamworks Cartoon 'The Mighty Ones,' Reveals Voice Inspiration for His Character (Exclusive)

Dreamworks' hit cartoon The Mighty Ones just debuted its uproariously funny second season, and [...]

Dreamworks' hit cartoon The Mighty Ones just debuted its uproariously funny second season, and voice actor Stephen Root wants fans to know that he loves the "really good lessons" it has to teach. Root is a beloved and revered character actor who is most famous for his roles in films such as Office Space and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. However, he is also a seasoned animation actor and the man behind the voice of Bill Dauterive on King of the Hill.

On The Mighty Ones, Root appears as a guest star, voicing Bernard, a laid-back Cajun frog. While speaking exclusively to, Root shared how "great" the show is and how he really appreciates that it proves "really good" messages for kids, like "never giving up no matter what your size, and friendship." He added that he leaped at the chance to be part of the show because he loved the scripts and the people that work on it "are great."

The Mighty Ones is an animated series that takes place in the "strange little universe of the backyard," according to Root. It follows the adventures, and misadventures, of four friends: Rocksy (a pebble), Very Berry (a strawberry), Twig, and Leaf. The group — self-dubbed The Mighty Ones — spends their time exploring new areas of their suburban backyard, while having massive experiences completely unique to their tiny statures.

Root's character, Bernard, is a frog that hangs around Rabbit, a surly bunny who feels perpetually pestered by The Mighty Ones. Bernard is not a villain, though. He's more of a casual sidekick who's too relaxed to involve himself with Rabbit's irritation.

"There's nothing they're doing to him. They're just annoying him," Root joked about the relationship between Rabbit and The Mighty Ones. "So there's no real reason for him to be a villain except 'they just annoy me.'" Bernard, Roots says, is "completely ineffectual" in Rabbit's pursuit to ruin things for The Mighty Ones.

When working on Bernard's voice, Root explained that he took a look at the rendition of the character and right away had a clue as to what the funny frog should sound like. "This guy looked to me, very Louisiana," Root said, pointing to Bernard's hilariously "weird" mustache and hair. He started using a Cajun-style accent to give Bernard a voice, and it "ended up" being what everyone loved. The Mighty Ones Season 2 is now streaming on Peacock and Hulu.