'Shadow and Bone' Map: Full Guide to Netflix Series' Locations

Netflix's Shadow and Bone does an amazing job fleshing out the "Grishaverse," but it can be hard to keep track of the vast fantasy world without a map to guide you. Fortunately, maps of the Grishaverse are readily available, including one interactive map made specifically for the show by Netflix. You can make sense of Ravkan politics or explore bonus content with the help of this handy reference.

Maps are a staple of the fantasy book genre, and they are proving to be just as essential in the growing genre of fantasy TV adaptations as well. Game of Thrones' solution to this was the drawn-out map tour in its opening credits sequence, but not every show has the time for that. Shadow and Bone took a different route, publishing an animated map online complete with labels, references and some details about Ravka, Kerch and the rest of the world that didn't make it into the show.

Of course, you don't need to rely on this map exclusively. A similarly annotated Grishaverse map exists on author Leigh Bardugo's website. However, be warned that this one makes allusions to the whole story in her books, so if you're trying not to get spoilers you may want to avoid it for now.

Like most fantasy books, Bardugo also includes a map at the beginning of each Grishaverse novel, from Shadow and Bone through the Six of Crows duology and on to her newest duology, King of Scars and Rule of Wolves. Even if you don't intend to read Bardugo's entire collection, it might be worth picking up a copy of one of her books here on Amazon just to have the map handy while you're binge-watching.

The Grishaverse is based mostly on the culture and mythology of Russia and other parts of eastern Europe, and the map drives this home in many ways. The ocean is cleverly named "the True Sea," as opposed to "The Unsea" of the Shadow Fold. It separates the continent that hosts Ravka from the one that hosts Novyi Zem, with the island nature of Kerch in the middle. The Wandering Isle to the north seems to be roughly based on England or Ireland, and in the west there's a territory called the "southern colonies," though at this point show-watchers may not know which nation is colonizing.


Ravka rests in the middle of the eastern continent with the great powers of Shu Han to the south and Fjerda to the north. Fjerda is the home of Matthias Helvar (Calahan Skogman), where Grisha are persecuted as "witches." While it is not explicitly stated in the show yet, Grisha are similarly unwelcome in Shu Han, where they are typically dehumanized and experimented on by the government, at least in Bardugo's books.

Hopefully, the show will get time to explore all of these areas. In spite of its massive success, Netflix has not officially renewed Shadow and Bone yet, but there's still plenty of time. Until then, Season 1 is streaming on Netflix and Bardugo's books are available in print, digital and audiobook formats.

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