Netflix Unveils ‘Shadow and Bone’ Bonus Content Ahead of Rumored Season 2 Drop

If you binged Shadow and Bone in one sitting this weekend and now you're dying for new content, you're in luck. On Monday, Netflix unveiled a whole host of bonus content for the fantasy series, including deep-dives on the Grishaverse that will give new fans lots of insight. The new content also bolstered fans' hopes that the Netflix original series will be renewed for Season 2.

"Shadow and Bone: Beyond The Fold" is a new interactive site with information, games, quizzes and more. It continues the show's work of bringing the novels by Leigh Bardugo to life, with an interactive map that makes Ravka and the surrounding world feel more real than ever. It also invites fans to envision themselves as a part of the Grishaverse — either as a Grisha, a Crow or just about anything else. This kind of detail-oriented presentation seems like a good signifier that the show will not be a one-season wonder.

The map is definitely a big help in giving fans a sense of the geography of Shadow and Bone. The Shadow Fold is an ominous slash across the coast of Ravka, while the sign of the Crow Club hangs over the island of Kerch and the city of Ketterdam. The map even shows far-flung places that weren't included in the first season of the TV series, like Jesper's native Novyi Zem, Matthias' native Fjerda and Alina's ancestral Shu Han.

Meanwhile, there are two quizzes available on the site — one to "discover your role in the Ravkan army" and another that asks "which Crow are you?" Finally, the last section of the site invites fans to create their own Grisha avatar.

This is an exciting new feature following a big weekend for Grishaverse fans, who have been clamoring for this series to premiere for years. Now that it's here, many are holding their breath for a series renewal, hoping that the show will go long enough to adapt all five books it is based on — and maybe more.


So far, Netflix has not officially announced a renewal for Shadow and Bone, but there are plenty of reasons to be hopeful. For one thing, the show held the number 1 spot on Netflix all weekend long. For another, the blog What's on Netflix reports that sources at the streaming service say the show has been renewed — just not announced yet. According to these anonymous insiders, Shadow and Bone was actually renewed behind the scenes before it even premiered, since Netflix was projecting such success for the show.

The news is not confirmed, and many fans likely won't rest easy until it is. In the meantime, all eight episodes of Shadow and Bone are streaming now on Netflix. Bardugo's books are available in print, digital and audiobook format wherever books are sold.