'Schmigadoon!' Star Jaime Camil Explains Why He's 'Grateful' to Be Part of Apple TV+ Series (Exclusive)

Jaime Camil is one of the many talented actors that star in the critically acclaimed Apple TV+ [...]

Jaime Camil is one of the many talented actors that star in the critically acclaimed Apple TV+ series, Schmigadoon! But while Camil has been in his share of successful television shows in his career, Schmigadoon! is a project that is very special to him. PopCulture.com recently caught up with Camil who plays Dr. Jorge Lopez in the series and explained why he's fortunate to land the role.

"I was lucky and privileged enough and grateful that Cinco Paul wrote this part for me," Camil told PopCulture. "So, it was a gift because you work on some projects, and others, they land on you, from heaven. And that was given to me. I love the show. It's such a well-written show. You don't have to be a theater geek to like it."

Camil went on to say how one reporter told him that he became a fan of Schmigadoon! despite not liking musicals. "I was talking to a journalist from iHeartRadio saying, 'Dude, I've never watched a Broadway show in my life and I even enjoyed the show so much. I devour the series,'" he said. "People should know that. Right? Of course, if you like musicals, if you like theater, then it's a super cherry on the top. Right? It's just such a great show, beautiful, fun, filled with joy. And it was just a dream to be a part of."

Camil's character has developed an interest in Melissa, played by Cecily Strong. Other castmates have shown a lot of Love to Strong for what she was able to do in Schmigadoon! And with Camil working with strong closely during the series, he echoes what his castmates have to say about her, and then some. "This show is going to catapult her to the level," Camil revealed. "But, even beyond that, because as you saw, she's so brilliant. She sings her heart out. She has a beautiful singing voice. She's so good. Right? She's so, so good. And I think she deserves this show to really showcase her immense talent. And I'm so happy for her, to be honest."

The fifth episode of Schmigadoon! was released on Friday, and the reviews have been strong for the show. Camil is happy with the positive feedback but not surprised because of the story everyone was telling. "I wasn't surprised because I've read the script, I was aware of the effort it took to bring the show to life," Camil stated. "I know how every single performer, choreographer, dancer, ensemble, castmate, production... We all poured our hearts into the show." And we were shooting the show in very difficult times. Adhering to COVID protocols and whatever. So we really, really went out of our way, to really pour our hearts and soul into the show. And, I think, you can see that on screen. That's a beautiful connection that we are making with the audience. Thank God."

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