'Rugrats' Star EG Daily Teases What to Expect From New Episodes of Paramount+ Series (Exclusive)

Rugrats became one of the most popular cartoons in the 1990s, and the success of the show led to Paramount+ rebooting the series. The streaming services released the new Rugrats last year, and the final set of episodes from the first season is set to air on April 15. PopCulture.com recently caught up with EG Daily who voices Tommy Pickles Rugrats. She said that fans will enjoy the new episodes as they have a little bit of everything. 

"I'm so excited about it," Daily exclusively told PopCulture. "It's just all more of everything we've already gotten from the past and the new from the reboot, but it's just like some of the subject matters are so fun, and I don't know where they come up with this stuff, but we're also amused every time there's another script. It's going to be all the same thing as far as the yummy, cozy family stuff, and the babies, and all their crazy adventures."

Daily continued: "It's so vast now what they can come up with, especially because the CGI takes it to a whole other level of where they can go with it all. But I mean, there [are] some really cute episodes coming out like Cynthia's wedding. I can't give away too much. Everybody's going to be super happy because every time I see an episode, and I got to see a few teasers, I'm just blown away."

Fans of the original series noticed the similarities with the reboot such as Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, Angelica and the parents. But with it being 2022, some changes were made to keep up with the times. Additionally, there are some character changes with Susie and Lou Pickles. In the reboot, Susie is younger than she was in the original version and is now part of the Rugrats gang instead of being a recurring character. And Lou is a hippie that loves yoga, which is the opposite of what he was in the original version. 

"I think that we have to say the differences from the original version to now is that today in our today's world," Daily said. "Our lives have changed so much since back then. We didn't have so all phones back then. We didn't have internet, all that stuff yet, I don't believe, and we weren't on our computers all the time. Today, we have bloggers, and dating apps, and computers, and all the amazing things that we hadn't gotten to yet in the past episodes are all back in these new episodes.

"So it's kind of like the best of everything because you get to have your favorite show, your favorite family show, your favorite kids show when you grew up. Now, the kids are now millennial parents and their kids get to watch it and the parents get to enjoy Rugrats again, but within today's time. So I mean, it's almost like a fantasy to get to do a show that you love doing so much, but bring in into today, into all of the things we have today. So I just love that. I just love that."