Netflix Users Rave Over New Romantic Comedy 'Set It Up'

The rom-com genre is alive and well thanks to Netflix’s latest hit film Set It Up.

The streaming giant has successfully revived the long-dead rom-com genre with the debut of its own take on the genre, Set It Up. The film, which made its way to the streaming platform on June 15, follows the story of overworked, underpaid assistants Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell), who attempt to get their bosses off their backs by working together to get them together.

Although the film follows the tried and true formula of any rom-com, in a genre that has all but gone extinct, it has risen as a shining star, and Netflix subscribers cannot stop raving over it.

“Y’all Netflix put out this movie called Set It Up and its the most wholesome and adorable rom com I’ve ever seen please watch it,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I have joined the ranks of everyone who's been saying Set It Up is the best thing Netflix has done in ages and they should make three thousand more rom-coms just like it,” another person commented.

Set It Up is utterly delightful, just the sort of thing that might have made a zillion dollars if released in theaters. Though of the 120+ Netflix movies I’ve seen, I believe it’s in the top five,” wrote another.

The film has been compared to fan-favorites ‘90s rom-coms Never Been Kissed, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and My Best Friend’s Wedding, and for as much praise as it has garnered from audiences, critics are hailing the movie as one of the best, too, with the Netflix film being awarded a 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.


“While so many recent renditions of the rom-com have tried to upgrade the genre - usually by going the raunchy route - Set It Up feels so purposefully classic and familiar that it plays right into that nostalgic feel-good spot,” The Hollywood Reporter’s Kristen Yoonsoo Kim wrote.

The film has been so popular that fans are already petitioning for a Set It Up sequel, and according to director Claire Scanlon, a sequel may already be in the works. Scanlon stated that she and writer Katie Silberman have already begun discussing plans for a second film that would likely focus on Lucy Liu's character Kristen.