Netflix Sued Over 'Tiger King 2'

Netflix is being sued over Tiger King 2, but the case is not related to one of the documentary subjects. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix and Goode Films are being taken to court by Morgan Creek Productions over the use of clips from Ace Venture 2: When Nature Calls in the new episodes of Tiger King. Goode Films is the production company behind the series, and responsible for documenting the stories of Joe Exotic, Carol Baskin and the other high-profile subjects of the series.

"The series was filled with sordid tales of animal abuse, voluminous guns and a quixotic bid for the U.S. presidency," the lawsuit reads, per THR. "Most significantly, the program followed a murder-for-hire plot aimed at a competing animal sanctuary owner, hated by Joe Exotic, and seen as a threat to his 'big cat' empire." This specific portion refers to Exotic being convicted of attempting to have Baskin murdered. The lawsuit goes on to claim that Tiger King producers used clips from Ace Ventura 2 "without permission or license." One of the clips featured Ace Ventura star Jim Carrey with a "monkey wrapped around his neck and shoulder" and a second of the character "triumphantly riding an elephant."

"Leaving no room for doubt as to the source, a dubbed-over voice identifies one such movie as Ace Ventura, at the precise time when the Infringing Clips appear on screen," the lawsuit goes on to say. "Plantiff is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that Ace Ventura is the only film used in Tiger King where more than one clip appears." Morgan Creek claims that the Tiger King episode containing the Ace Ventura clips was seen by "an audience of literally millions of viewers – many of them more than once, multiplying the harm to MCP – all while knowing or having reason to know of the use of the Infringing Clips was without permission, content or license."

Morgan Creek also claims that the "two comedic scenes" served to "enhance the commercial value of Tiger King" by showing wild animals being used in a major motion picture production. The company claims this added "levity" to the episode, which could have assisted in bringing in viewers, Morgan Creeks feels this implied that the producers of Ace Ventura 2 were "promoting Tiger King favorably." Finally, Morgan Creek stated that it attempted to resolve the issue before filing the lawsuit. As no agreement could be reached, the company is "seeking statutory damages along with attorney's fees." It is also "asking that the defendants be permanently prohibited from using any clips owned by Morgan Creek."