Netflix's New Series 'Marianne' Has Viewers Reportedly Creeped out and Scared Stiff

Friday the 13th sure didn’t disappoint for horror fans. Netflix dropped a new series on the infamous date, and in fitting fashion, it proved to be quite the thriller. The show, Marianne, is a French horror series that features English subtitles and is packed with some scary scenes.

The series features eight episodes that are sure to leave viewers afraid to watch alone in the dark. Marianne stars Victorie Du Bois, who plays the leading lady Emma.

A summary on IMDb explains the series: “A famous horror writer, and the nightmare witch that's haunted her dreams and also inspired the stories she's written. When the writer is drawn back to her hometown she learns that the evil spirit, Marianne, is alive and causing trouble around town.”

The trouble that comes from Marianne has led to quite a stir on social media. The series has even the strongest-willed horror fans feeling a little uneasy.

One user provided an assessment on Twitter, "So there's a few corny bits in Marianne on Netflix that dilute the horror somewhat, but the scary scenes are legit unsettling and this actress is the scariest old lady I've seen on screen in forever."


Another echoed a similar sentiment, "Marianne is so freaking terrifying (especially this lady). Brilliant scares. I wish Netflix did a better job promoting it."

The series was created by Samuel Bodine. There wasn't much hype about this show as the trailer for it dropped just five days before it was launched. There's no word if there will be any further development of this mini-series moving forward, but as the series continues to draw more and more feedback on social media, perhaps the streaming service will look at its options.