Canceled Game Show Revived, Host Reveals

Online celebrities will once again be able to name their prices once again, as the game show Name Your Price has officially been saved from cancellation. The price-guessing game show was G4TV's biggest hit on Twitch/YouTube, which is what made it especially disappointing when it was unceremoniously canceled with the Comcast-owned network's shutdown. On Sunday, host AustinShow revealed he had worked with G4 to obtain the rights to make Season 3 of Name Your Price.

"GREAT NEWS! NAME YOUR PRICE WILL RETURN FOR ANOTHER SEASON!" Austin wrote on Twitter. "Although the details are unclear at this time I can say with confidence we have the rights to do so. Thank you to [Comcast executive Joe Marsh and] the folks at G4 for working with us to make this possible."

Austin went on to once again bring up the notion of a touring production for popular series, which saw major Twitch, YouTube and TikTok personalities compete to guess the prices of strange objects and memorabilia. Further than that, details on the revival are unclear. Austin co-hosted the series with Will Neff, the 100 Thieves personality who also recently confirmed plans to revive his own canceled G4 series Hey, Donna! JustaMinx served as the show's item presenter, though she was embroiled in controversy at the end of the show's G4 run. For the original series finale — now just the Season 2 finale — Caroline Kwan filled the item presenter role.

In the wake of the initial cancelation, Austin, also known for his dating show Love or Host, previously appeared on the Oct. 17 "G4 Open Wake" episode of The Cream Team Dream Stream — a weekly Twitter Spaces broadcast/podcast hosted by the trio of now-G4-alums Kevin Pereira, Kassem G and Fiona Nova (a.k.a. The Cream Team). On the live broadcast, he had glowing words to say about his time making the Name Your Price.

"It is obviously extraordinarily sad," Austin said. "I'd say I've worked on a lot of projects personally, and I joined G4 not actually knowing exactly what I was going to make at G4 before I signed on, and Name Your Price became  — and I say this honestly — my favorite show that I've ever worked on, and I became incredibly passionate, more so than I ever actually thought that I would ever, in joining G4. I thought we'd make a really cool show, but I never expected it to become what it became for me personally. What's most sad is I feel like, towards the end here, it really started to develop a pretty good following for it. I think obviously the numbers were strong, but I think more recently in the last four weeks, actually, in fact, it really felt like things were starting to move in the right direction for it, and that's big in part to the fabulous team."


At that time, he was already hopeful the series would return one day, saying, "I love Name Your Price. It's my favorite. I would certainly welcome an opportunity to do something  similar or do Name Your Price in the future, should I be given the opportunity to do so."

Until plans for the revival are clear, you can watch every episode of Name Your Price on AustinShow's YouTube channel. You can also watch highlights and extended streams via the now-defunct G4 "Incognito Mode" channel. Season 1 of the series features contestants like xQc, Pokimane, Emiru, Andy Milonakis and Ironmouse appearing remotely. Season 2 saw guests in-studio, with personalities like Bella Poarch, Hasan Piker, Mia Malkova, Ludwig, Cyr and Valkyrae appearing.