JustaMinx Falls on Her Face After 'Name Your Price' Bit Goes Wrong

G4 is not a safe place to work if you're JustaMinx, who always commits her all to physical comedy bits during the weekly episode of Name Your Price. She jumps, falls and crashes through all kinds of sets and props regularly, but her latest stunt on the Twitch/YouTube game show didn't go quite right. While Minx was goofing around to present an item on the Thursday episode of the series, she accidentally fell on her face.

During one of the early rounds, Minx was sitting on top of a large wooden chair that was wheeled onto the set via an elevated cart. After some initial shakiness that alarmed hosts AustinShow and Will Neff, Minx leaned into the nervousness. After Austin told her to "stay right there," the Irish influencer — who has large followings on Fansly, Twitter, TikTok and other platforms — replied, "Want to see me do a front flip?" In what may have been a scripted moment, Minx precariously stood up and prepared to jump. However, things took a seemingly unplanned turn when her feet/ankles gave out and she took an ungraceful tumble to the studio floor.

She let out a shriek as Austin and Neff were visibly concerned. However, Minx rebounded quickly as Austin eased the show along and Neff secured the oversized chair. She hopped up and started to interact with contestant Rich Campbell, continuing the chaos of the price-guessing series. Even if there was jump from the cart planned in the show's rundown, it definitely didn't quite go as planned.

The clip was a highlight from the livestreamed episode, which also featured Maria Malkova, Ludwig and Jerma as contestants. As the clip started going around on Twitter, Minx spoke out on the moment in a tweet, quipping, "i almost did a front flip."


The full moment can be seen in the YouTube video above. New episodes air typically Thursdays at 5 p.m. ET via AustinShow's Twitch channel and G4's Twitch and YouTube channels. The show's past episodes are streaming via YouTube. You can also still catch reruns as they air on G4's linear TV channel and livestreaming hubs like G4 Select, the network's Pluto TV channel.