'Muppets Haunted Mansion' Teases First Look at Disney+ Halloween Special With Release Date

The highly anticipated Halloween special featuring The Muppets will be here sooner than we think to raise our spirits this holiday season! While it's been one whole year since Muppets Now streamed on Disney+, the beloved gang created by Jim Henson is back next month with the brand new feature, Muppets Haunted Mansion, inspired by all four of the iconic Disney Haunted Mansion attractions located across the globe at numerous Disney parks. 

Including a number of hidden Easter eggs for Disney fans alongside creatively transformative Muppet sets and props to include viewers for a unique storytelling experience, the special streaming Oct. 8 on Disney+ will be the Muppets' first-ever Halloween special with three new original songs: "Rest In Peace," "Life Hereafter" and "Tie the Knot Tango." The special event programming will also include a star-studded Muppets cast, including the likes of Gonzo, Pepe the King Prawn, Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy. Additionally, the Muppets will be joined by a vibrant number of celeb cameos including Darren Criss, Pat Sajak and Rosario Dawson.

(Photo: Disney )

In a first look poster from The Muppets teasing "a party to die for" in the tagline, fans can get a look at the spooky new poster featuring Gonzo at the forefront alongside Pepe, the head of Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog sporting a pencil-thin moustache reminiscent of the Vincent Price — an icon in horror from the late '50s and '60s. In a brief summary of the Halloween special centered around the Great Gonzo, a world-famous daredevil artiste, the beloved performer has seen it all and survived it all. However, things might change on Halloween night when the fearless Gonzo takes on his greatest challenge — spending one very bold, scary night in the scariest place on Earth: The Haunted Mansion! Bill Barretta, Andrew Williams, David Lightbody and Leigh Slaughter serve as executive producers and Kirk R. Thatcher is the director.

The Muppets aren't the only ones playing with the beloved Disneyland Parks attraction, originally built in 1969. The ghost train attraction is also getting the big-screen treatment with a reboot of the 2003's Haunted Mansion live-action movie, previously helmed by Eddie Murphy. With a plot under wraps per Deadline, the reboot headed by Owen Wilson and Rosario Dawson comes off the heels of the moderately successful Murphy film, deemed a cult classic now by fans. Shooting for the new live-action begins next month.