Matthew McConaughey Taking on the Role of Elvis Presley

Matthew McConaughey will be taking on the role of Elvis Presley in Netflix's upcoming adult animated series about the iconic King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Agent Elvis. The Oscar-winning actor is also executive producing the series alongside co-creator Priscilla Presley, while Archer's Mike Arnold serves as its head writer and showrunner. 

The Netflix series, which hits the streamer in March follows the late superstar through his fictitious adventures as a secret agent who eventually joins the secret agency "TCB" as Agent Elvis. Presley's ex-wife co-created the series alongside John Eddie, turning the late rocker into a superspy whose life as a global sensation masks his true purpose – battling the dark forces that threaten the U.S.

Agent Elvis marks the second tribute to the late star in the last year following the success of Baz Luhrmann's summer blockbuster, Elvis, which stars Austin Butler as the titular cultural icon. The film earned Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, and more, with star Butler himself being nominated for Best Actor. Butler previously won Best Actor at the Golden Globes in January, where Elvis also was nominated for Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director.

Another high-profile, Elvis-related project is also in the works from Sofia Coppola, who is planning to write and direct an upcoming screen adaptation of Elvis and Me, the 1985 memoir by Priscilla detailing her life with his ex-husband. The recent focus on the Presley family was marred with tragedy last month when Elvis and Priscilla's only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, died unexpectedly at age 54 shortly after accompanying Butler on the Golden Globes red carpet. 

"It's sort of a bittersweet moment right now because I think of how much I wish she was here right now to get to celebrate with me," Butler said on the TODAY show of Lisa Marie's death following his Oscar nomination for Best Actor. "It's the same thing I feel with Elvis; I wish that they could see these moments, you know?" He continued, "It's just sort of strange to celebrate at a time of such deep grief. But I sort of think of it as a way to honor her. This is for her."