'Marianne' Fans Can't Believe Netflix Canceled Series After Only 1 Season

With the news that Netflix has canceled Marianne after only one season, the show's dedicated fan base is having a hard time coping. The cancellation was announced on Monday, with show creator Samuel Bodin taking to Instagram to tell viewers that there "won't be a second season." In the aftermath of the announcement, comments on Bodin's post have lavished praise on the horror series, while hoping there will be a chance for it to continue on another platform.

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"Just finished watching," wrote one fan. "So sad there won't [be] another season! Best horror show I have seen ever!"

"This was such an outstanding series," added another. "What a royal disappointment and [a] missed opportunity for Netflix to support art as horror."

"I LOVED Marianne," proclaimed a third. "I'm so hard to scare and this did the trick! So curious to see what a second season what have been. Will [it] exist on another platform? This story is way to amazing not to continue."

Marianne debuted on Friday the 13th last September and absolutely delighted horror fans with its distinct level of creepiness. The series was in French with English subtitles and starred Victorie Du Bois as Emma. Unfortunately, the show's vocal fanbase wasn't enough to sustain interest for the streamer to bankroll a Season 2.

Netflix still has plenty of scares to entice subscribers. Just last month, they debuted Travis Stevens' 2019 horror flick The Girl on the Third Floor, which some called "the most disturbing movie" they'd ever seen. It stars wrestler CM Punk and Trieste Kelly Dunn, and centers on a man who's slowly driven to insanity while renovating an old house.

There's also the streamer's de facto flagship series, Stranger Things, which revealed a behind-the-scenes teaser on Monday that showed the cast and crew getting ready for the upcoming fourth season. On Valentine's Day, the streamer released another teaser for Season 4 that prominently featured Chief Hopper (David Harbour), who was supposedly killed in the Season 3 finale.


While fans suspected that Hopper would return, especially after an ominous post-credit sequence, they were off-put by the fact that the trailer seemed to go out of its way to ruin the surprise. The show is expected to return sometime in 2021 on Netflix, although no exact date has been set.