Major Netflix Show Returning for Surprise New Episode, Will Be Free-to-Watch

A new episode of one of your favorite Netflix shows will be making its way to the streaming service soon. On Saturday, it was announced that Netflix would be releasing a new episode of Queer Eye. As if that wasn't already exciting, the episode will be made free to watch for everyone.

The episode, sponsored by Delta, sees the Fab 5 — Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, and Bobby Berk — giving a makeover to William Holmes. 26-year-old Holmes is from Brooklyn but currently lives in Philadelphia, where he works as the lead supply attendant for Delta Airlines at the Philadelphia International Airport. Holmes has been working for Delta for the past seven years, during which he has been promoted four times. Van Ness explained that Holmes was nominated for Queer Eye by Judy, the station manager for Delta. Judy said about the 26-year-old, "Holmes is young, but he has such an old soul. He has a lot going on for him. I see potential in him."

This episode will premiere on Netflix's YouTube account on July 7. So, even if you don't have a Netflix subscription, you'll be able to see the Fab 5 back in action. It's been some time since new episodes of Queer Eye have aired on Netflix. The last season, Season 5, launched in June 2020. As a result, fans have been wondering when Season 6 will drop on the streaming service. As of right now, a release date for Season 6 has yet to be released. But, during an interview with, Berk did tease what fans can expect from the upcoming season. While Queer Eye is well-known for providing some emotional and touching moments, the "waterworks" will be like no other in Season 6 according to the design expert.


"You can expect a bit of a difference from me and the boys: me and Jonathan [Van Ness] and Tan [France] and Antoni [Porowski] and Karamo [Brown]," Berk said. "I know as many seasons as we've been cranking out so quickly, in just a matter of two and half years, I think we were starting to get a little jaded." He went on to say that Season 6 will definitely pack an emotional punch, as he continued. "I think we weren't getting touched as emotionally as we had in the past, but my god — this season. There [were] a lot of waterworks."